Dinosaurs were spread throughout the world. They did not only live in the northern hemisphere but also lived in southern hemisphere. Abrosaurus was one such vegetarian dinosaur that once lived in a place that is now known as Asia. So, what did this dinosaur look like? What did it eat? How did it walk? Let us learn 10 interesting facts about Abrosaurus and find out the answers to all these questions.

facts about abrosaurus
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At a glance
— Lived: 168-161 million years ago.
— Food: Vegetarian.
— Species: A. dongpoi (Named after Chinese poet Su Shi who was also known as Su Dongpo).

Facts About Abrosaurus: 1-5

1. Abrosaurus is the Greek name for ‘delicate lizard’.

2. This dinosaur is so named because of its unique skull structure. The skull had large openings which were separated by thin and delicate bony struts.

3. Abrosaurus lived during the Middle Jurassic period, i.e. around 168-161 million years ago.

4. This dinosaur was a resident of the southern hemisphere of earth and was first discovered in 1984 in China’s Sichuan Province. The exact location was Dashanpu Quarry.

5. Abrosaurus was similar to Sauropods but was too small to be a real Sauropod. It weighed only 5 tons and grew up to a length of 30 feet from head to tail.

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Facts About Abrosaurus: 6-10

6. Abrosaurus was a quadrupedal dinosaur that fed on plants and trees.

7. This dinosaur had a boxy head with tall bony arches on the head that contained the nostrils.

8. Unlike most of Titanosaurs and Sauropods of Mesozoic era that fossilized without their skull, the Abrosaurus was actually fossilized with its skull intact.

9. The Abrosaurus actually existed at least 10-15 million years before the truly gigantic Sauropods evolved.

10. The Abrosaurus belongs to the species A. dongpoi, which was named after Su Shi, a Chinese poet. Well, Su Shi was also known by the name Su Dongpo which explains the name of the species. Su Dongpo used to live in Sichuan Province where the fossil of Abrosaurus was discovered.

That concludes our list of 10 interesting facts about Abrosaurus. Do, you have any additional information that can be added to this list? Do let us know through the comments section!

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