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15 Fascinating Turmeric Facts For You

Turmeric – a wonder component of ancient Indian Ayurveda practice – has numerous health benefits. So widespread is the use of turmeric in India that it literally finds its way into almost every religious and cultural event. Not just that, turmeric is widely acclaimed as a wonder herb by modern medicine as well. Let us today learn 15 fascinating turmeric facts that will simply amaze you…

Fascinating Turmeric Facts: 1-5

1. Did you know India is world’s largest producer of turmeric? In fact, as much as 80 to 90 of world’s total turmeric production comes only from India.

2. Did you know that not just that India is world’s largest producer of turmeric, she is also the largest exporter of turmeric? 60% of total world export of turmeric is from India.

3. Turmeric has a very similar appearance to that of ginger! Yes, you might just get confused. However, if you find yourself in a confusing position some day, simply break open a piece of turmeric or ginger. If the inside has a brilliant orange-yellow hue, it is turmeric. Ginger has a brownish color.

4. While some sources will tell you that ancient Assyrians around 600 BCE had knowledge of turmeric, you need to know that the Harappan Civilization (or Indus Valley Civilization) actually cultivated turmeric as early as 3000 BCE.

5. India is known to be the home of spices. Of all spices, turmeric is known as the golden spice of the nation because of its brilliant yellow color.

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Fascinating Turmeric Facts: 6-10

6. You might have purchased prepared mustard. It comes in bottles and is used as condiment. Did you ever ponder how the prepared mustard gets is yellow color? That’s because of turmeric that is added to it as a coloring agent.

7. While we talk of color, it is essential to say that turmeric, because of its brilliant orange-yellow color, is widely used as dye.

8. While the origin of turmeric is often a subject of argument, it is widely believed that turmeric originated in south India. However, some say that it originated in western India. Broadly speaking, turmeric is native to south Asia and southeast Asia.

9. If you think that turmeric has just one variety, you are plain wrong. In India, there are several varieties of turmeric. Some of the most popular ones are Nizamabad Bulb, Sangli Turmeric, Rajapore Turmeric, Erode and Salem Turmeric and Alleppey Finger.

10. Maharashtra’s Sangli town hosts the world’s and definitely Asia’s largest turmeric trading center. So, if you are a serious trader, welcome to India and head straight for Sangli.

Fascinating Turmeric Facts: 11-15

11. Tamil Nadu in India has a city known as Erode. That city is the largest turmeric producer in this world. Because of this, the city also goes by the names ‘Turmeric City’ or ‘Yellow City’.

12. For bites of King Cobra, turmeric is the natural antivenin. This has been found by Aston University’s Dr. Eric Lattman.

13. Do you have a leaking water-cooled radiator? Here is a simple fix – take a spoonful of the turmeric powder and simply add it to the water of the radiator. That’s all! The leakage will stop.

14. Women, do you have excess body hair? Make turmeric paste and apply on the areas on a regular basis. You will get rid of the unwanted hair. That’s a traditional method that has been used by Indian women for ages.

15. Turmeric has been referred to as Indian Saffron by people who lived during the Middle Ages. That’s because it is as good as saffron and is way cheaper.

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  1. I learned so much I didn’t know about turmeric! Information enhances appreciation. Thanks for that! I do want to note that there may be unwanted body hair, but that there isn;’t “excess body hair” because there is no standard amount of body hair (and I’d also assume that people understand “excess” in relation to a certain beauty standard rather than to a statistical average). Also, it’s not just women that are looking to remove hair from their bodies! People across the spectrum of gender have their own preferences for their body hair.

    Thank you for contributing to the reduction of critical cobra bites + leaky radiators in the world!

  2. Interested in 15 Fascinating fact about Turmeric, I believe there must be many more benefits of this special plant, would like to tell me more of it?
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